jueves, 13 de noviembre de 2014

All you have to do was stay.

Entre las cosas que más disfruto es ir al centro. Me encanta. De hecho, si todo pasa como quiero, estaré cerca de allí haciendo mi servicio social y una de mis metas es encontrar nuevos lugares para visitar, comer y comprar.

Últimamente he estado escuchando a Taylor Swift y me ha encantado su último álbum. Sisisí.

Going to downtown is among the things I enjoy the most. I love it. In fact, if everything happens like I want I will be near there every day and one of my primary goals it's to find new places to go and see and eat and shop, because, I really don't know how it works in another cities but here there are shops of everything you can imagine, since guitars to XV's party dresses.

I haven't written in english since a long time ago I think I'm a little rusty and I'm afraid I start to forget how it does it. Wherever, hope you understand,

Recently I started to listen to Taylor Swift and her last album it is cool. I enjoy a lot of songs. 
[Cold, Shiny, Hard, PLASTIC.]

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